What Are JOI Instruction Videos Are All About?

Today, we are going to talk about JOI videos. We hope your ears perked up at the mention of this popular XXX subgenre because it heavily relies on audio stimulation. Now, let us explain.

What Does JOI Stand For? Brief History of JOI Porn

Believe it or not, JOI is an acronym for “Jerk Off Instructions.” Basically, the videos focus on women that give specific instructions to the viewers as they masturbate, telling them exactly how they should pleasure themselves.

Just like so many other pornographic terms, it’s hard to pin-point the exact origin of this one. A quick Google search reveals that similar terms (Jack Off Instructions) have been used for over 20 years. The rise of the popularity of this particular term can be traced back to at least 2007.

It took approximately two years for this XXX genre to really explode – search engine metrics show that JOI porn became very popular by 2010. Various popular porno tubes started noting in their reports that “JOI” is one of the most search-for genres. With this genre’s popularity growing steadily, a dedicated subreddit was established in 2012 – R/JOI. Six years later, its subscriber count grew exponentially, hitting the 54k mark.

Since 2013, this particular porno genre became one of the most popular in the world, landing top spots among such porn mainstays as Teen, MILF, Anal, and Lesbian. Adult content creators from all over the globe started producing JOI videos en masse since there was such a huge demand for it. It should also be noted that JOI porn is VERY easy and cheap to produce.

At present, there are many different JOI sub-genres. For the most part, this kind of content focuses on women that take on a dominant role in the scenario. These genres appeal to submissive men and they include Femdom, JOI, Edging, Cuckold, SPH (Small Penis Humiliation), Sissification, and various others.

There’s still a huge demand for non-femdom JOI content, including the videos focusing on taboo scenarios, affectionate masturbation guidance, foot fetish, etc. Truth be told, we can’t even begin to describe just how many different offshoots out there. Let’s just be frank – there’s something for everyone when it comes to JOI porn.

Jerk Off Instructions Tube

JOIASMR.com – Jerk Off Instructions Tube

In order to give you a better idea of what to expect from this exciting pornographic genre, we decided to review one of the emerging websites. It’s called “JOI & ASMR” – https://joiasmr.com/ and in our humble opinion, it’s extremely underrated. It would’ve been easier to review something more popular or recognizable, but we decided to give this tube a bump. We honestly think it deserves it.

JOI & ASMR is going to cover ALL of your JOI porno needs. Remember us talking about the endless variety of this pornographic niche? Well, on this website, there are over 35 different JOI porno categories available. In addition to that, there 1870+ XXX tags that help you track down the EXACT kind of JOI pornography that you want.

When you click on a video with an exciting enough thumbnail, you will be transferred to a separate page. The site offers you full-length JOI porn movies ONLY, there are no short previews and teasers to be found. With each and every video, there’s a helpful description, list of tags and categories, user rating, and related clips that will definitely help you extend your pleasure session.

Furthermore, we can’t not mention the fact that most of the clips are available for HD-quality streaming. Doesn’t matter if you want 720p, 1080p or 4k – you can (and WILL) find quality videos within this vast XXX database.