SeedBox – What is a seedbox? What is its usage? Is it different from a VPN?

Best Seedboxes

If you are not sure what is the next step and how to use a Seedbox, please keep reading! We will explain you the benefits of having a Seedbox from

Do you download stuff on a daily basis?
Do your projects, videos, applications, games and other files clog up your hard drives?
Do you want to maintain a good ratio on torrent sites, but uploading all those files from your hard drive overload your system and kill your internet connection?
Are you having trouble staying anonymous with your peering activity?

It sounds like you are in need of a SeedBox

A SeedBox is a private dedicated server used for uploading and downloading files online, running on a powerful CPU with loads of Ram which is connected on a lighting fast line with unique IP address.

What are the advantages of using a SeedBox from ?

– Store all your files securely without overloading your home system(s).
– Hide your activity from spies and government. Everyone is up for your personal info – from what music you like to which supermarket you choose to make your shopping.
– Through encrypted FTP or HTTP, transfer your stored files locally whenever you wish.
– Instant Setup : With our fully automated system you can be up and running, ready to seed with max speed within a minute!
– Download torrents at fast speeds and keep seeding them until your ratio recovers or even more.
– Stream stored videos straight in your browser, at full speed up to 4K! Our higher class plans come with support for a dedicated plex and emby server that let you stream all your media content to any device.
– Unlimited Bandwidth : All our plans include unmetered traffic, you can literally seed with super powers!
– Loads of Apps : The longest list of apps you can probably find. All major protocols are supported, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, Newsgroups, IRC, Torrent, everything easily accessible via browser.
– Stay private and anonymous since only the SeedBox IP address is visible on the net.
– Bypass your ISP traffic limits and/or traffic shaping. Forget those ISP letter warnings for downloading stuff!
– Control everything through your browser. No additional software is required to be installed on your computer.
– Easy to setup. Within minutes get root access with OpenVPN and a vast number of additional apps.
– Never ever worry about increased electricity bills.
– No more overheating CPU and Ram
– Forget low bandwidth
– Receive VIP level customer support treatment.
– Easily online FAQ and super friendly forum among with a 24/7 support, will make it easy to get on board – from the novice torrent user to the most advanced one!
– 7 day guarantee : If you are unhappy for any reason or have any issues, you can ask for a refund within the first week of your service!

Waste no more time and resources, Sign up today with and see why we are reshaping the SeedBox Universe!